Eurovent is Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies. Its members from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa represent more than 1.000 companies, the majority small and medium-sized manufacturers. Based on objective and verifiable data, these account for a combined annual turnover of more than 30bn EUR, employing around 150.000 people within the association’s geographic area. This makes Eurovent one of the largest cross-regional industry committees of its kind. The organisation’s activities are based on highly valued democratic decision-making principles, ensuring a level-playing field for the entire industry independent from organisation sizes or membership fees.

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) is a major European certification body providing voluntary 3rd party certification in the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR), offering its customers a one-stop service solution. ECC certifies the performance ratings of products, according to European and International standards, on the full range of HVACR products either in residential domestic buildings or in industrial facilities. The value of 3rd party certification is to build up customer confidence by levelling the competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) is the European statistics office of the HVACR market. EMI has been providing key market data since 1994 and is a trusted partner of more than 300 manufacturers. The guiding principle of EMI is to establish a map of the European, Middle East and African sales. Sales data provided by the participants remains fully confidential and results are being distributed to participants only. EMI provides annual and quarterly results, market trends and analyses, and makes reassessed data available for non-manufacturers. Thanks to the manufacturers' participation in the data collections, EMI can provide annual and quarterly analysis, market trends and forecasts (annually and quarterly), detailed information on the equipment sold (technology, capacity, etc.), and analysis by country (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

COPILOT offers independent ISO-accredited supervision and certification of building commissioning. Its focus is on design-installation-operation quality of technical systems such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and BMS (Building Management Systems). COPILOT certifies successful projects. Certified Commissioning Managers use the organisation’s digital applications to add value to their commissioning of commercial buildings. Asset Managers, Facility Managers and Occupants benefit from improved quality and reduced uncertainty. COPILOT's mission is to improve the quality of building commissioning.

PRODBIM: In the context of the construction sector’s ongoing digital transformation, the HVACR industry finds itself increasingly impacted by BIM (Building Information Modelling). Manufacturers are being challenged to comply with new BIM standards and working methods. The objective of PRODBIM is to support manufacturers in making effective use of the constantly evolving BIM market. PRODBIM is an initiative driven by Eurovent Services Company, which delivers a dedicated database online service to assist the set-up of manufacturers’ product data into a coherent PIM, fully usable for BIM market and multi-country codes. The organisation also provides EPREL services to manufacturers. It is involved in the work of CEN TC442, specifically in WG2 and WG4 on products, and a member of BuildingSMART to follow the developments. PRODBIM invites any interested HVACR manufacturers to participate in the ‘BIM HVAC Product Database for Manufacturers’ Committees to harmonise the product properties. Thanks to participating in these committees, divided in product families, manufacturers will have the opportunity to define and influence the BIM content of their products. They will acquire knowledge on the updates on the product dictionaries and BIM formats evolutions, by country priorities and projects in Europe.

ISKID is the Turkish Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association. ISKID was established in 1992 with the contributions of prominent companies in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector, to conduct work towards making the HVACR Industry development healthier and faster. Over 100 member companies are gathering under ISKID's roof to conduct activities for the development of the sector and to stay in high-quality standards. As this edition of the Eurovent Summit takes place in Turkey, the association has become co-organiser of the event, as well as organiser of a Turkish-English seminar programme.

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